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     Early Skills Games
  MagnetTalk® Turn & Topics®
Grades PreK–5
by Susie Baretz, M.S., MSEd, and Megan-Lynette Richmond, M.S., CCC-SLP
Help young children learn to play board games at their own pace. MagneTalk® Turns & Topics® uses a series of four basic game boards that gradually increase in complexity. The simplistic designs of the magnetic game boards, the giant magnetic game pawns, color photo cards, and large foam game tokens will appeal to early learners, including children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and those with limited fine motor skills.
166 color-coded Topic Cards cover eight areas of communication, receptively and expressively:
• Numbers
• Letters
• Basic Concepts
• Seasons • Nouns • “WH” Questions • Verbs • Feelings
MagneTalk® Turns & Topics®
• 4 Magnetic Game Boards (18" x 133⁄4") • 6 Giant Magnetic Pawns
• 60 Foam Tokens
MagneTalk® Turns & Topics®
Four Levels of Play
Pop the Pig®
Open-Ended Game for Numbers, Colors, & Counting
Ages 4 and Up; Grades PreK-Up
Kids love the suspense in Pop the Pig as they watch the pig’s belly grow. Player who makes his belly burst wins (no batteries needed)!
Pop the Pig:
• Piggy Chef
• 16 burgers (4 of each color: purple, red, yellow, and green)
• Die with Sticker Sheet
• Instructions
• All pieces stored inside Pig 2-6 players.
Pop the Pig®
More Early Games pp. 134-137
• 166 Topic Playing Cards (31⁄4" x 41⁄2") • Number and Color Dice
• Instruction Booklet
     Level 1
Level 3
Skill Builders! Kindergarten Writing Activity Set
Ages 5-8
38-piece hands-on activities in pencil skills, letter formation, writing, and other kindergarten language skills through fun, active play. Carrying case lets you take the learning on the go!
Level 2
Level 4
    • Letter book
• 21 mini-letter construction pieces • Write-and-wipe board
• Spinner with writing prompts • 13 letter cards
• Tri-grip tongs
Skill Builders! Kindergarten Writing Activity Set
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