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 Early Skills
    Early Developmental Milestones
Checklists for Measuring & Observing a Child’s Development
Reproducible Book and Charts
Grades PreK–1 by B.J. Scott
• Step-by-step checklists that profile each child’s achievements compared with other children in the same age group
• 16 reproducible checklists • 66pages,81⁄2"x11"
Early School Skills Parent Pack
• “Ready to Read” Wipe-Off® Book (Early Reading & Letters)
• “School Skills” Wipe-Off® Book (Numbers, Words, Colors)
• “Early Learning Adventures” Wipe-Off® Book (Sequencing, Shapes, Positions, Colors)
• Dry-Erase Pen, Eraser, Backpack #PAK-333..............$19.95
Early Developmental Milestones
Preschoolers Acquiring Language Skills The PALS curriculum conveniently combines parent
Early School Skills Parent Pack
Language Strategies for Little Ones
Language Strategies for Little Ones
Reproducible Book
Grades K–1
by Michele Fagan and Vicki Prouty
• Classroom-based intervention with high-interest, curriculum-based lessons
• Multi-sensory methods such as reading, writing, and art
• 269pages,81⁄2"x11" #TPX-10002.................$37.95
education with child-centered language activities.
In each GIANT, 3-ring binder package (101⁄2" x 111⁄2"), you’ll get:
• Thematic units with sample lesson plans; reproducible song lyrics; suggestions for theme-related snacks, stories, fingerplays, movement games, and more!
• 4 audio CDs—with familiar, theme-related songs
• Activity ideas galore to improve phonology, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics.
• Parent Class handouts on language development, facilitating language through play, and autism.
In PALS you’ll get Around the Home, and Outdoors (463, 81⁄2" x 11" pages). In PALS–2 you’ll get units for
all 4 seasons, sports, pets, birthdays, and more (492 pages)!
PALS & PALS-2 Combo
      (PALS) and (PALS-2)
Theme-Based Activities
Grades PreK–K
by Carol Liddiard Buteau and Kathryn Kohnert
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