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 Critical Thinking & Inferencing
  Receptive 8
The scientists are making a potion to make homework disappear. At the lab table, Ms. Clark is pouring the blue liquid. When mixed together, the yellow liquid changes to green!
 • Who is pouring the blue liquid?
• What is changing color?
• When does the yellow liquid change to green? • Where is Ms. Clark pouring the liquid?
• Why are the scientists making a potion?
• Who is helping the students with their science experiment?
• What is the teacher doing?
• When do you wear safety goggles? • Where is she pouring the liquid?
• Why do the students look surprised?
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1/7/22 12:20 PM
                                                                    Webber® Photo Cards
– WH Questions
Grades PreK & Up, Ages 4 & Up
Targets both receptive and expressive WH questions. Each card includes a photo and a 2-3 sentence story, WH questions Who, What, When, Where, and Why–5 receptive WH questions and 5 expressive WH questions
on each card. Receptive questions target the student’s ability to recall information from the 2-3 sentence story.
• 100 full-color photo cards, 4"x 6"
• 10 questions for each photo (receptive and expressive)
• Content cards and game ideas • Sturdy storage box
Webber Photo Cards – WH Questions
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12:21 PM
     Webber® BIG Box of “What’s Wrong
with This Picture?” Scenes
By Sharon and Thomas Webber, Illustrated by Mark Bristol Grades K & Up, Ages 5 & Up
Offers students an amusing way to develop receptive and expressive language skills as they practice identifying absurdities, problem solving, and storytelling. Students circle and then explain what is wrong in the picture. Wet-erase marks can be wiped off after every lesson.
Webber® BIG Box of “What’s Wrong with This Picture?” Scenes: • 150 Scenes – (1 Wrong Item, 3 Wrong Items, 5 Wrong Items) • 75 Double-Sided, 8 1⁄2" x 11" Laminated Boards
• 4 Wet-Erase Markers
Webber BIG Box of “What’s Wrong with This Picture?” Scenes
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