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 Basic Concepts
    A Must Have
This program has been a
godsend for my caseload.
It comes with so many
different activities: reproducible sheets,
a game to use with the language tasks, and the dry erase pictured scenes that
kids LOVE. They reinforce the concepts so well - and can be combined with following directions and vocabulary development. This is my all time favorite product I have purchased, it’s so practical and versatile.
Andrea L., Brooklyn, NY
   Concept Outside/ Inside
 Webber® Basic Concepts
Grades PreK–3
• 54 basic concept pairs assessed in the Wiig Assessment of Basic Concepts ® (WABC®)
• Students learn 111 concepts receptively AND expressively.
• 52 colorful concept boards, 10" x 11"
• 224-page reproducible workbook with
game boards
• 12 foam ice cream cones • 90 ice cream
scoops • Dry erase markers • 1–12 players
Webber ® Basic Concepts Program
Students are motivated to build their own ice cream cones!
Reinforce the concept using one of 52
3 full-color game boards with worksheets!
Teach the concept pair using four different examples! Copy the page and cut apart.
2 Teach the same concept with a foil
(a third item that is similar, but incorrect).
Teach basic concept pairs in three easy steps!
  Concept Outside/ Inside
  • Cone, 3" • Scoop, 2"
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