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 Augmentative Autism
 Skill Strips
Ages 6 and Up, Grades 1 and Up
Help students recognize facial expressions associated with different emotions with Emotions Skill Strips! Students read or listen to
the prompt and select the photo of the person displaying the corresponding emotion. Emotions Skill Strips has four levels:
• Level 1 Cards present one person exhibiting three different emotions.
• Level 2 Cards present three different people exhibiting different facial expressions.
• Level 3 Cards present three different people exhibiting different expressions. Students choose the person exhibiting the facial expression that matches the scenario.
• Level 4 Cards present one emotions photo. Students choose the event that prompted the facial expression in the photo.
Emotions Skill Strips®
120 double- sided cards 81⁄2"x 3"
       Great Social Skills Activity
My students with behavior and social issues love this activity. This helps them understand emotions and how they can better deal with them by first recognizing them.
Brenda H., Iowa
    Social Language Photo CardsTM Adolescent
Grades 7-12 / Ages 12 and Up
• Help older students with Autism Spectrum Disorder, or other language disorders, solve and respond to social problems
• Develop critical executive function skills of organization, arranging, and planning
• 200 double-sided, (5" x 7") full-color photo/stimuli cards
• Boxed #LS-5029..........................$114.95
Social Language Photo Cards Adolescent
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