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   Augmentative Autism
   All Ages
Created by Sharon G. Webber
• Help those who have difficulty understanding, describing, and responding to their feelings and feelings of others
• 30 black and white drawings (in pairs)
• 102 color photo cards, 3" x 4" (in pairs)
• 264 total cards!
• Booklet of teaching ideas
• Teach emotions with the color cards and then use the black and white drawings to generalize them
• 4 mirrors for practicing facial expressions
Webber ® Photo Cards Emotions
         “I Have Autism” #BK-329SB A Child‛s First Look at Autism
by Pat Crissey illustrated by Noah Crissey
Fun Deck®
Grades PreK and Up by Abby Sakovich
Target 7 pragmatic language categories
• Requesting
• Solving Problems
• Being Polite
• Responding Appropriately
• Topic Maintenance
• Giving Information
• Feelings
• 56 full-color 31⁄4" x 41⁄4" photo cards
Photo Practical Pragmatics Fun Deck
“I Have Autism”
A Child’s First Look at Autism
Grades PreK–3
by Pat and Noah Crissey
“I Have Autism” is a children’s book to help parents and teachers explain autism to a young child. The main character, Alex, has autism. He talks about how autism affects him and his behavior. Plus:
• Resource Guide with practical strategies to help a child with autism cope at home and school
• Reference list of books and organizations
• Reproducible “I Have Autism” book
• Five 22-page “I Have Autism” reading books (share them with teachers, parents, and classmates).
#BK-329............................$34.95 “I Have Autism”
(5 Children’s Books/Guide)
Children’s Book
        Resource Guide
Reproducible Student Book
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