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                 Augmentative Communication
Expressive & Receptive
Language Games with PCS
Grades PreK–12
by Rebecca Eisenberg and Cheris Frailey
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44 double-sided Communication Boards, 91/2"x 11"
396 Question Cards targeting receptive and expressive skills, 41/4"x 31/4"
Electronic Spinner, 3"
Foam Bingo Squares
6 Jumbo Magnetic Pawns, 3"
Game Board, 17"x 17"
Webber® Functional Communication Games
• Teach non-verbal students to communicate using Mayer-Johnson Boardmaker® Picture Communication Symbols • The five game formats cover daily topics
• Allow students with varying motor and verbal skills to participate in games.
   A Big Hit!
This was just what I was
looking for to address
communication with my
life skills/ MOID students. Many options for game play, and easy for my lower level kids to understand and play. I love the large game pieces!
Jennifer K., Athens, GA
 1,611 Expressive and Receptive Cards!
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