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                                                                                                                               No-Glamour® Following Directions Reproducible Book
Grades K-3 / Ages 5-9
by Lynn K. Flahive and Janet R. Lanza
• Listening skills
• Following directions during test taking
• 304 reproducible pages, 81⁄2"x 11"
• And more!
No-Glamour® Following Directions Book
Auditory Processing
Say & Glue® for Language & Listening Fun Sheets
Grades PreK & up / Ages 4 & up
by Alyson D. Price
• Cut-and-paste
• Story Retell
• Basic Concepts
• And more!
• 198 pages, 81⁄2"x 11" #BK-307......$24.95
Say & Glue® for Language & Listening
A Wonderful Way to Work with Students
These Fun Sheets are a wonderful way
to work with students who need to
say and do at the same time. Many student do not process sounds well by just listening. These sheets help my students internalize the sound by actually working with each sound.
Suzanne J., Keene, NH
            Working Out with Listening
Workout #10
#TPX-18R80e4calling Information
Grades K–6
Ages 5 &LUispten to each set of unrelated words. Then repeat the words
in the same order that you hear them.
tired, flower, tall, plane elbow, bottom, wish, sleeve sky, long, first, pear exercise, thumb, cool, make black, ladder, inside, giant
Following Directions
Listen carefully. Then follow both directions.
First put your hand in front of your stomach and then put
your hand in back of your leg.
First use your fingers to show me wide and then show me
First put your hand on top of your head and then put your
hand under your elbow.
First point to your eyes and then show me your foot. First use your hands to show me long and then show me
  Reproducible Book
Make a workout out of listening!
that provide listening practice and
50 quick and easy-to-use “workouts” Working Out with Listening contains reinforce listening skills. The three Grades K–5
activities in this book include:
Super Duper® Publications
•Recalling information.
•Following directions.
by Vicki Lord Larson, Angela
•Listening for details
and main ideas.
before lessons, “cool downs” after
Use these activities as “warm-ups” Sterling-Orth, and Sarah Thurs
exercises at school or at home.
instruction, or as quick review
            • Recalling information
Listen carefully. Then answer each question.
Listening for Details & Main Ideas
Workout #1
Workout 9
Amy and James went to the store. Who went to the store?
Recalling Information
A bear and a deer were in the road. What was in the road?
bar cost?
Maria’s favorite color is pink. Whose favorite color is pink?
The candy bar cost 50 cents. How much did the candy
• Following directions
cry, best, red, nail
play, old, toy, early
She named the cat Snowball because it was white. What
did she name the cat?
same order that you hear them.
Listen to each set of numbers. Then repeat the numbers in the
Recalling Information
light, pen, drink, sun
0, 6, 7, 1
chicken, summer, belt, now
Think About Challenge
2, 4, 5, 9
7, 1, 5, 2 8, 9, 0, 3
5, 8, 1, 4
7, 6, 2, 3
Think About
Following Directions
sharp, leg, box, high
sLaisytse.n carefully. Then follow both directions only if Simon
Following Directions
• Listening for details and main ideas Simtoonucshayso,u“rFtiorsets.t”ouch the top of your head and then
• Think About Challenge • Think About Challenge • Think About Desigtnhaetefo2lloswtuindgenstistutaotironle:-play
Simon says, “First touch your nose and then put your
Renee is telling Jamie about a movie
she just saw. Jamie is showing
Listen carefully. Then follow each direction only if Simon
Simon says, “Point to your shoulder.”
Challenge • Think About Challenge • Think About Challenge • Think
Show me your knuckles.
First clap your hands and then touch your ears.
great listening skills.
Put your hand near your ear.
Simon says, “First stand up and then turn around twice.”
hand on your elbow.”
Simon says, “Put your foot in your hand.”
Simon says, “Put your hand far from your eye.”
First raise your hand and then touch your nose.
About Challenge • Think About Challenge • Think About Challenge • Think About Challenge
• 130pages,6"x9"
Super Duper® Publications
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Following Auditory Directions Reproducible Book
Grades K–3
by Jean Gilliam DeGaetano
• Combines listening skills with 28 basic spatial concepts.
• Spiral bound
• 66 pages, 81/2"x 11"
Following Auditory Directions
Working Out with Listening
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