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     Auditory Processing
Photo Communication
Board Game
Grades PreK & Up
by Rebecca Eisenberg and Rynette Kjesbo
My Go-to Game
This is a quick way to target receptive
and expressive language skills while
throwing in some artic as well! My
students (age K - 5th grade) enjoy the game as
it is fast paced and interactive. I play too and let them read and ask me the questions. I have up to 4 students in a group and use this game repeatedly. Quick to set up and start as well so I do not lose much time getting going. This game was definitely one of my better purchases!
Lori K., Ringgold, GA
School Areas:
• Art Room
• Nurse’s Office
• Cafeteria
• Physical Education • Office
• Classroom
• Computer Lab
• Playground
• Media Center
• Restroom
• Music Room
• Therapy Room
  Cool in School®
   Cool in School® is a receptive and expressive language game that uses color photos to teach basic and advanced communication skills that students use every day in 12 areas of school life.
Carl and Cate, the Cool in School® penguins, guide the activities by providing receptive and expressive prompts for each picture scene.
• 144 large, 5"x 7" color-coded photo cards
• Double-sided colorful game board • 6giantmagneticpawnsand
6 regular pawns
• 65 cool tokens
• Electronic spinner (1–3)
Cool in School® Board Game
Call 1-800-277-8737 | Fax 1-800-978-7379 •

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