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 Auditory Processing
Airport 1
Webber® Auditory Memory
1 Airport
? Airport 1
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A Prepared Traveler
n z e e for Short Stories Scenes
“Please place your luggage on the scale Mr. Hernandez,” said the ticketing agent. With
Grades K & Up
all his strength, Mr. Hernandez lifted his luggage and placed it on the scale. He was going
to visit his daughter in Florida and he was nervous because he knew his luggage was
very full. Pop! The suitcase burst open. “I brought duct tape just in case,” Mr. Hernandez
Ages 5 & Up
nervously laughed.
1. Who was Mr. Hernandez going to visit? (his daughter)
by Lindsey Bartlett, M.S., CCC-SLP,
2. What did Mr. Hernandez say he brought? (duct tape)
Illustrated by Abigail Webber
3. Where was Mr. Hernandez going? (Florida)
4. When did Mr. Hernandez’s luggage pop? (after he placed it on the scale)
5. Why did Mr. Hernandez say he had duct tape? (in case his luggage burst)
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Reinforce story comprehension and target answering “Wh”
1. Who is watering the plants?
2. Who flies airplanes for a living?
3. Who brings you a drink on
16. When do you go through security at
the airport?
questions with 50 whimsical scenes! Each visually-loaded,
an airplane?
Plant Day
4. Who is holding an umbrella?
17. When do you show your ID at
the airport?
engaging illustration presents two short stories, followed
Today was Thursday. That meant it was the day to water the plants. Every Thursday,
5. Who is reading a newspaper?
18. When is a plane delayed
Carlos filled his sprayer with water. Then, he climbed on the lift that rose to the ceiling so
6. What should you take with you to
or canceled?
the airport?
by five comprehension questions. Each illustration has 25
he could reach the plants. Carlos knew not everyone could do his job. His job would be
very scary for people who were afraid of heights. However, Carlos enjoyed it because he
7. What is the girl in the orange
19. When is it time to get on the plane?
shirt eating?
20. When do you buckle your seat belt on
a plane?
“Wh” questions (Who, What, Where, When, and Why), as
got to see a completely different view of the airport.
8. What is the man using to water
21. Why is the woman in the brown coat
1. Who is this story about? (Carlos)
the plants?
pushing a cart?
9. What is in the large cage?
22. Why are the animals in cages?
well as two “How” questions for extension practice.
2. What did Carlos put in his sprayer? (water)
10. What do you put your clothes in when
you travel?
23. Why do you need to weigh your
3. Where did the lift take Carlos? (to the ceiling to water the plants)
luggage at the airport?
11. Where do you weigh luggage at
24. Why do you need to show your ID at
• 50 illustrated scenes (81⁄2" x 11")
4. When did Carlos water the plants? (on Thursdays)
the airport?
the airport?
5. Why did Carlos enjoy his job? (because he got to see a completely different view of
12. Where is the doughnut shop?
13. Where do you “check in” at
the airport? u
25. Why do you go through security at
• 25 double-sided boards
the airport)
the airport?
© Super Duper® • #AMSS-64 Webber® Auditory Memory for Short Story Scenes •
14. Where do you go after you “check in”
at the airport?
1. How do pets travel on planes?
2. How do signs help passengers in the
15. Where is the cat?
• 106-page spiral-bound companion manual
© Super Duper® • #AMSS-64 Webber® Auditory Memory for Short Story Scenes •
(Answers may vary)
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