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   Silly Sets Combo
Set 1 and Set 2
Love Them!
I am always
looking for
minimal pairs
for phonology therapy for preschoolers. These are silly and engaging. The kids and I love them.
Michele A., San Francisco, CA
    Excellent Book!
I love this book!
The pictures
are big and
clear and the
different sounds that I need to remediate are easy to find in the table of contents. Is definitely becoming one of my favorite “go to” books!
Patty K., Ronkonkoma, NY
    Articulation Phonology
The Giant Book
of Phonology
Grades PreK–3
by Beverly Foster and Howard Gold
• Seven phonological processes: Syllableness, Consonant Cluster Reduction, Liquids, Glides,
Anterior Singleton Stridents, Anterior Stops, and Singleton Stridents.
• 388 pages, 81⁄2" x 11"
• 1,076 words, phrases, and
• 260 illustrations (4" x 51/2")
• 90 auditory bombardment lists
• 24 rings
The Giant Book
of Phonology/Links
Extra Rinky Links (24-pack)
Silly SetsTM Minimal Pairs for
Maximum Progress
Grades PreK & Up
by Kim Patterson, and Rynette Kjesbo
     • •
100 minimal pair cards, 3" x 5"
Four processes: Final Consonant Deletion, Cluster Reduction, Fronting, and Stopping
Silly Sets Card Set
    Easy to use! 1 - Copy and cut 2 - Punch hole
3 - Place on ring
        Silly SetsTM 2 Minimal Pairs for
Maximum Progress
Grades PreK & Up
by Kim Patterson and Rynette Kjesbo Illustrated by Abigail Webber
• 100 minimal pair cards, 3" x 5"
• Five processes: Gliding, Stridency Deletion, Prevocalic Voicing, Postvocalic Devoicing, Initial Consonant Deletion
Silly Sets 2 Card Set
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