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   The Giant Book
of Phonology
Grades PreK–3
by Beverly Foster and Howard Gold
• Seven phonological processes: Syllableness, Consonant Cluster Reduction, Liquids, Glides,
Anterior Singleton Stridents, Anterior Stops, and Singleton Stridents.
• 388 pages, 81⁄2" x 11"
• 1,076 words, phrases, and
• 260 illustrations (4" x 51/2")
• 90 auditory bombardment lists
• 24 rings
The Giant Book
of Phonology/Links
Extra Rinky Links (24-pack)
Articulation Phonology
     Easy to use! 1 - Copy and cut 2 - Punch hole
3 - Place on ring
            Excellent Book!
I love this book!
The pictures
are big and
clear and the
different sounds that I need to remediate are easy to find in the table of contents. Is definitely becoming one of my favorite “go to” books!
Patty K., Ronkonkoma, NY
  Love Them!
I am always
looking for
minimal pairs
for phonology therapy for preschoolers. These are silly and engaging. The kids and I love them.
Michele A., San Francisco, CA
  Silly Sets Combo
Set 1 and Set 2
   Silly SetsTM Minimal Pairs for
Maximum Progress
Grades PreK & Up
by Kim Patterson, and Rynette Kjesbo
• 100 minimal pair cards, 3" x 5"
• Four processes: Final Consonant Deletion, Cluster Reduction, Fronting, and Stopping
Silly Sets Card Set
     Silly SetsTM 2 Minimal Pairs for
Maximum Progress
Grades PreK & Up
by Kim Patterson and Rynette Kjesbo Illustrated by Abigail Webber
• 100 minimal pair cards, 3" x 5"
• Five processes: Gliding, Stridency Deletion, Prevocalic Voicing, Postvocalic Devoicing, Initial Consonant Deletion
Silly Sets 2 Card Set
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