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 Arptipcsulation Phonology
 Say and Do® Phonology
Game Boards
16 Laminated Games
Grades PreK–2
by Linda Schaan and Sharon G. Webber
 • • • • • • • • • •
Two-syllable words Three-syllable words Final consonant deletion Stridency deletion
16 game boards
6 pawns, 2 foam dice
Instruction booklet and snap tote Prevocalic voicing
Consonant cluster reduction
8 laminated, double-sided 11" x 17" boards
“Say and Do”® Phonology Game Boards
• Gliding
• Stopping • Fronting
         Webber® Photo Phonology
Minimal Pair Cards Fun Sheets
Grades PreK and Up by Ashley Drennan
• 224 pages of reproducible activities
• Photos match Webber® Photo cards!
• 81⁄2" x 11"
Webber® PhotoPhonology Fun Sheets
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    pp. 245–258
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     So much fun
My son has severe articulation delays and I learned of this
product seeing his speech pathologist working with him
using this item. It is an ideal alternative to the common
flash cards often used. This item offers various areas of phonics presented to kids in a board game format. My son feels like he has his own ‘big people games’ and asks to play often. There are 16 different games so he doesn’t get bored. I would recommend this product to any parent regardless of speech delays or not.
Judy L., Cypress, TX

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