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      Great For Artic!
I have had great success with
this product. I have used
it with children who were
showing signs of Apraxia and it has worked wonders. I really enjoy using the mouth prompts. I believe this gives the child visual stimulation, which in turn helps with correct placement of the articulators.
Shabie H., Chase City, VA
Moving Across Syllables
Training Articulatory Sound Sequences
Grades PreK–5
by Jill Kirkpatrick, Pamela Stohr, and Deborah Kimbrough
• Develop and improve speech intelligibility
• Complete assessment and intervention program.
• Designed for the child with apraxia whose errors increase with syllable length.
• 208 reproducible pages, 81⁄2" x 11" #PE-9735......................$99.95
Moving Across Syllables
Photo Cues
Flip-Book & DVD
Grades PreK–5
by Thaashida L. Hutton, Clint M. Johnson,
and Susie Loraine
• Gives students visual and auditory models to learn correct place, manner, and voicing for speech sound production.
Book is 61/4" x 71/8."
• Five sound sections arranged by place of production. Sounds include: P, B, M, W, F, V, TH (voiced and voiceless), T, D, N, S, Z, L, SH, ZH (treasure), CH,J,R,Y,K,G.
• The Photo Cues DVD lets students watch and listen to the sound production in isolation and in the initial, medial, and/or final position of words.
Photo Cues Flip-Book
Say and Do® Sound Production Flip-Book and Activities for Apraxia and More!
Grades PreK and Up
by Jennifer Perkins Faulk and Lisa Priddy
• Provides children with a visual model of how
to produce vowels and consonants
• Sound, syllable, and word levels
• Cards are arranged by place of production
• Flip-book is 61⁄2" x 16"
• 36 page, reproducible activity book
Say and Do® Sound Production
Student View
        Clinician View
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   Excellent Learning Tool
This is a FANTASTIC learning tool for
anyone who is a visual learner. This
product would help any child with
learning nouns, articulation and
language in general. Having a child with Autism,
who has delays in speech, this product has been a tremendous learning tool. As most children have a short attention span, this DVD has short, vibrant segments. Seeing another child speak helps them relate. I can’t rave enough about this product and would HIGHLY recommend to any parent working on any speech/ communication issue with their child. 5 STARS!
 Marla N., ON Canada

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