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 MINI Apraxia
 These Cards are Great
These cards are great
not only for my students
with apraxia but for my
intellectually disabled
students with severe phonological difficulties! They love to play matching games while learning their new speech sounds and new vocabulary words at the same time!
Juliana G., Los Angeles, CA
        1,040 Cards! 32 target sounds!
Articulation Apraxia
   Grades PreK and Up
by Sharon G. Webber
and the Super Duper® Staff
Love your Webber BIG Apraxia Photo Cards but wish you had a smaller set?
• Same great photos in the BIG set, but in easy-to-hold 21⁄2" x 21⁄2" size
• 520 cards in pairs, that’s a total of 1,040 cards. Now you can play Memory Match, Go Fish, and more!
• Targets 10 vowel sounds: Long/short A, E, I, O, U
• Targets 22 consonant sounds: P, B, M, W (bilabials), F, V, voiced voiceless TH (dentals), T, D, N, L, S, Z (alveolars), SH, CH, J, Prevocalic R, Y (palatals), K, G (velars), and H (glottal)
• 21sound-loadedstoriesintheinstruction booklet
Webber® MINI Apraxia Photo Cards
     Actual Size Shown! 21⁄2" x 21⁄2"
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