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 Arptipcsulation Apraxia
  Grades PreK and Up
by Sharon G. Webber and Amber Hodgson, M.A., CCC-SLP
• 562 (6" x 6") photo cards
• 22 consonant sounds and 10 vowels
• Organized by syllable shapes/ease of production
• 10 vowel sounds: Long/short A, E, I, O, U
• 22 consonant sounds: P, B, M, W (bilabials), F, V, voiced/ voiceless TH (dentals), T, D, N, L, S, Z (alveolars), SH, CH, J, Prevocalic R, Y (palatals), K, G (velars), and H (glottal)
• Sound-loaded, rhyming story card for each consonant, and a sound card with verbal cues, visual/tactile cues, and elicitation techniques
• Multiple activities for sound practice on flip side of photo card
• Sturdy storage box #PRAX-450..............$199.95
Webber® BIG Apraxia Photo Cards
• 83 reproducible pages #BK-383..................................$24.95
Webber® BIG Apraxia Carryover Worksheets
Sound Introduction
Sound Elicitation
  BIG Apraxia Combo
Includes Photo Cards and reproducible workbook!
#PRAX-4383 $224.90
Sound Loaded Story
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  Wonderful for more than speech sounds
This box is great
for a variety of
your clients/patients/students. You can use them for late talkers, apraxia, articulation, vocabulary. I’ve used them
to make silly sentences or to work on sentence structure. I’ve been able to use them for opposites, associations, etc. It’s organized by initial sounds but you can find plenty of cards to work on final sounds as well.
Stephanie O., Skowhegan, ME

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