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   Articulation Apraxia
   14 Sounds
Bilabial: B, P, M, W, Y Alveolar: T, D, N, S, Z
Velar: K, G Palatal: SH, CH
Word FLiPS® Book for Learning Intelligible
Production of Speech
Grades PreK and Up by Rhonda Granger
• Three sections of identical picture-words with four tabs in each section
• Words divided by articulatory placement
• Begin teaching severely unintelligible children by having them repeat identical earlier developing sounds, such as “boo-boo-boo”
• Flip-book is 7" x 12" #BK-318..............$49.95
Word FLiPS®
 Perfect Tool for Preschoolers
I have several highly
unintelligible and
apraxic preschoolers and kindergarten students on my current case load. I have been searching for a product to use with them and Word FLIPS is just what I was looking for! The students love the bright, fun pictures and I love the way it’s categorized and the progression of tasks. This is a must have!
Sara R., Santa Clarita, CA
           Phrase Flip-Book for
Learning Intelligible
Production of Speech
Grades PreK–5
by Julie A. Daymut and Clint M. Johnson
• 16 sounds in initial position of words
• Five sections organized by
placement, from the front to the back of the mouth
• Flip-book is 7”x 12”
Sounds: P, B, M, W, F, T, D, N, S, L, SH, CH, J, R, K, and G.
Easy - Single-syllable word (bath)
Moderate - 2–3 syllable phrase (bubble bath)
Advanced - 4–5 syllable phrase (box of bubble bath)
Phrase FLiPS®
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