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Say&Do® S,R,L, and Blends Games
Grades K–5
by Sharon G. Webber
• Dinosaur Baseball, Bowling, Chilly Willy, more!
• 18 laminated game boards, 11"x 17"
• Handy tote • Pawns, & Die • Instruction Booklet
“Say and Do”® S, R, L, and Blends Games
Actual size 33/8" x 23⁄4"
Photo FishTM K Sound Magnetic Game
Grades PreK–6
   18 Games!
   Artic Games
I really like
these games
so far! I have
spent so much time coming up with games, and this is just so easy and convenient. When I am in a time crunch, it’s nice to pull this from the shelf and have the whole game put together. This can be used by kids of any age.
Amy C., Chicago, IL
         Easy to use!
1 - Copy and Cut 2 - Punch Hole
3 - Place on Ring
with Rinky Links
Grades PreK–2
by Beverly Foster
and Stacy Lynn Foster
• Reproducible worksheets for 14 early developing sounds: B, D, F, G, H, K, M, N, NG, P, T, V, W, and Y
• Keep pictures on Rinky Links (24)
• 218 pages, 81⁄2"x 11" #BK-305............$27.95
Early Articulation Roundup! with Rinky Links
Extra Rinky Links (24-pack)
• •
• • •
Magnetic K fishing game
27 magnetic matching photo-word fish pairs (54 total fish).
Each fish is 37/8" x 23/4"
A 36" x 23" “pond” and a plastic tackle box, 2" x 7" x 61/4" Two 11" lightweight plastic fishing poles
Instructions and Game Ideas sheet
#FAS-777...................$49.99 K Photo FishTM - K Kit
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