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  The Source® for Children’s Voice Disorders
Grades: K-9 / Ages: 5-14
• Treat voice disorders using this book of tools, techniques, methods, and materials
• Excellent reference
for the busy clinician looking for "need to know" information and organizational help in one handy place
• 179-page book #LS-1712..........$59.95
The Source for Children’s Voice Disorders
Voice Adventures®
Card Deck
with Martha Mouse & Baby Bear
Grades PreK-3
by Monica Gustafson
Baby Bear and Martha Mouse are working together to teach your students the difference between "proper" vs. "improper" voice habits with this vibrant card deck.
• 13 pairs of “Proper” Voice Habits
• 13 pairs of “Improper” Voice Habits • 52 cards, 3" x 5"
Voice Adventures® Fun Deck
FREE Handy Handouts on Voice-Related Issues
        Voice Adventures
I really love my new voice Adventure cards! I am
able to teach the students all about good vocal
hygiene in a fun way that keeps them interested.
I can also use the cards to play Go Fish and Matching while using “easy onset” strategies to improve their vocal quality. These cards an amazing addition to my speech materials! I strongly recommend these cards!
Pam, Ontario, Canada
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