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“The leopard does not change his spots,” means...
A People cannot change their basic personalities or habits.
B If you want a cat to do something, he will do exactly the opposite.
C A nice light-grey kitty goes with just about anything.
               Descripto BingoTM Describing Map
Game Sheets
Grades PreK–5
by Susan Boegler and Debbie Abruzzini
Descripto BingoTM uses a visual framework to help students organize their thoughts.
• Eight lessons with the Describing Maps
• 23 Categories of Bingo cards
• Clue sheets for instructor use
• 128 reproducible pages, 81⁄2" x 11"
Descripto BingoTM
“When the going
the tough get goi gets tough,
ng,” means...
Don’t make up excu
put things off. ses just to
Long distance runnin
but improves hear g is tough
t health.
When situations bec
difficult, strong p ome
to step up and haeople are able
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320 Idioms & More
Reproducible Calling Cards
Secret Decoder Super Fun Deck 31/2" x 31/2"
Grades 1–6
by Mark Bristol & Thomas Webber
My K and Grade 1 Students Loved this!
Any time I can connect
to the common core in a
simple and fun way is great. My younger students enjoyed playing bingo and loved the challenge of guessing the item
from a description. Holly L., Boston, MA
Available Summer 2023
Word Joggers® for Categories
Grades PreK & Up / Ages 4 & Up by Elaine Burke Krassowski
Students play fun games while targeting language processing skills. 1–5 Players.
Six Categories
• Animals • Food • School
• Clothing • Home • Transportation
• 15 double-sided game boards (81⁄2"x 11") • 396 Word Joggers Cards (35⁄8"x 21⁄8")
• Bingo chips • Spinner
• Instruction book with game ideas #GB-346...............$64.95
Word Joggers® for Categories
Reproducible Bingo Cards 5" x 7"
Reproducible Describing Map 81/2" x 11"
Call 1-800-277-8737 | Fax 1-800-978-7379 •
• 320 fun Idioms, Famous Sayings, and Proverbs cards
• 3"x 5"
• Secret Decoder to check answers
320 Idioms & More
Secret Decoder Super Fun Deck

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