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Word Joggers®
Exercises for Semantics & Word Retrieval
Grades 2 and Up
by Elaine Burke Krassowski
• Seven card decks (504 cards) 3"x 35/8"
• 48-page reproducible manual, 81/2"x 11"
Word Joggers® Game
        Word Joggers® Junior
Early Intervention Game for Semantics & Word Retrieval
Grades PreK–3
by Elaine Burke Krassowski
• 200 color-coded Prompt Cards (3"x 5")
• 200 illustrated Picture Cards (2"x 2")
• Five Categories: Animals, Food, Household Objects, School Stuff, and Toys.
• Read one of the five prompts on a card
• Studentrespondsbyfindingtheappropriate
picture card and saying the word for the picture.
• 15 Game Boards (6"x 9")
Word Joggers® Junior
   Great for several ages!
This game is very versatile
which makes it great for
several age groups. The
game boards and cards are
durable and brightly colored! There are MANY cards for each category so playing with multiple children or the same child over a series of sessions is not boring for them or for you!
 Marcy F., New York, NY
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   Word Joggers
I like all of the products that I have ordered from Super Duper in the past. They are all motivating and fun for my students!
 Lisa M.

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