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Pirate Talk® Receptive & Expressive Language Board Game
Grades K–5
by Sarah Michaels and the Super Duper® Staff
• Target Sentence Repetition, Answering Questions, Following Directions, Categorizing, Inferencing, Describing, and Social Skills.
• 100 Gold Coins • 18"x 18" Game Board
• Electronic Spinner • 6 Pirate Player Pieces
• 150 Language Prompt Cards (3" x 41⁄2")
Pirate Talk®
    Wonderful Multipurpose Tool!
Pirate Talk has been a
fun way to engage my
clients in learning a variety of skills. Distinguishing between the different
wh- questions, processing language, and making inferences, are just a few. My
kids love this game because of the gold they accumulate and because of the fun electronic spinner. They never seem to tire of this game! I call this game a true find.
Trina Y., Ill
  Actual Card Size 3" x 41⁄2"
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