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Grades K–5
by Theresa A. Corino, Thomas Webber, and Molly DeShong
• 432 articulation cards (2" x 21⁄2") with 24 cards each for the initial, medial, and final position of S, R, L, SH, CH, and TH
• Pawns, a die, instructions/game ideas
• 24 bonus cards
• Game board (16" x 16")
Merry-Go-Sound® Board Game
Articulation Box Mini Objects
Ages 3 and Up
• 13 sounds: B, D, F, G, H, N, NG, K, L, M, P, W, Y
• 125 realistic miniatures (objects range in size from 5/8" to 6 7/8")
• 13 resealable storage bags
• 3 sets of alphabet stickers for labeling bags
• List of objects by sound and position (initial, medial, final)
Articulation Box Mini Objects
   Wonderful Product
I absolutely love the Merry Go
Sound game, as do the kids I
work with. It’s so functional
to have the word, phrase, and sentence all on one card, and to have the cards organized by the sound position in word.
Vanessa P., Winnipeg, Manitoba
     Great Buy!
What a great way to mix up Artic
Therapy with these mini objects!
There are so many different
activities that they can be used for. We have used them to play a scavenger hunt around the room, hidden them in the treasure box, and even just used them during unstructured play activities.
Natalie P., Youngsville, NC
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