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  Granny’s Candies®
Board Game
The Delicious Game of Word Meanings
Grades K–6
by Sarah Michaels and Amy Parks
• Combine excitement of picking colorful “candy” tokens from Granny’s candy jars with hundreds of opportunities to expand vocabulary skills.
• First, you fill up the “candy jars” with “candy” (colorful soft foam tokens).
• Then, players choose question cards from one of eight semantic areas (or mix
and match cards).
• Students answer the questions, roll the die, and pick “candy” from the jars.
• Game board (18" x 18")
• 672 Word-Meaning Cards
• 144 “candy” foam tokens
• 58-page Activity Book
• Dice
Granny’s Candies® Game
 Tons of Questions
We absolutely love
this game. It comes
with tons and tons
of questions in lots of different categories. The kids love the color tokens (candies) and I love the book with the suggestions and printables..makes my job so much easier. The questions are great for all levels and can be easily adapted. You get a lot of bang for your buck...worth every dime.
Madi A., Wesley Chapel, FL
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