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Quick Guide to Tests
New/revised tests are in red.
ABAS-3Adaptive Behavior Assessment System, 3rd Edition 252
ADI-RAutism Diagnostic Interview-Revised 252
APATAuditory Processing Abilities Test 252
APSTAuditory Phoneme Sequencing Test 252
Arizona-4Arizona Articulation and Phonology Scale (4th) 252
BERS-3 Behavioral and Emotional Rating Scale (3rd)  252
BESABilingual English-Spanish Assessment 252
CAAP-2® Clinical Assessment of Artic & Phonology® (2nd)  252
CARS-2Childhood Autism Rating Scale (2nd) 252
CASL-2 Comprehensive Assessment of Spoken Language (2nd)  252
CDIMacArthur-Bates Comm Development Inventories 252
CPAC-STM Contextual Probes of Artic CompetenceTM-Spanish252
CREVT-3Comp Receptive & Expressive Vocab Test (3rd)252
CTOPP-2 Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing (2nd) 252
DAP:SPEDDraw A Person: Screening Procedure for Emotional Disturbance  253
DAYC-2Developmental Assessment of Young Children (2nd)253
DP-4Developmental Profile-4 253
DSSMED Differential Scales of Social Maladjustment
and Emotional Disturbance253
EASIC-3Evaluating Acquired Skills in Communication (3rd)253
EFCPEarly Functional Communication Profile253
EFT-E: NUExecutive Functions Test - Elementary:
Normative Update 253
ELLA®Emerging Literacy & Language Assessment® 253
ELT-2: NUExpressive Language Test - (2nd):
Normative Update 253
EOWPVT-4Expressive One-Word Picture Vocab Test (4th)253
EOWPVT-SBESpanish-Bilingual Edition (4th)253
FCP-RFunctional Communication Profile® Revised253
Fluharty-2Fluharty Preschool Speech & Lang Screening Test (2nd)  253
GDAPGlaspey Dynamic Assessment of Phonology 253
GORT-5Gray Oral Reading Tests (5th) 254
H-PATHearBuilder® Phonological Awareness Test  254
HAPP-3Hodson Assessment of Phonological Patterns (3rd)254
KLST-2 Kindergarten Language Screening Test (2nd)  254
KSPT Kaufman Speech Praxis Test for Children  254
LAT-NU LinguiSystems Articulation Test - Normative Update 254
LCT-2Listening Comprehension Test (2nd) 254
LCT-A: NUThe Listening Comprehension Test - Adolescent: Normative Update  254
LPT-3Language Processing Test (3rd) Elementary254 MAVATM Montgomery Assessment of Vocab AcquisitionTM  254 MOSTTM Marshalla Oral Sensorimotor TestTM 254 MVPT-4Motor-FreeVisualPerceptionTest (4th)254 OPUS Oral Passage Understanding Scale 255 OWLS-IITM Oral and Written Language Scales-II OES/LCS/WES255 PASP Phonological Awareness Skills Program  255 PAT-2: NU Phonological Awareness Test - (2nd):
Normative Update 255
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PAT-3Photo Articulation Test (3rd) 255
PDMS-2Peabody Developmental Motor Scales (2nd)255
PKBS-2Preschool and Kindergarten Behavior Scales (2nd)255
PLSIPragmatic Language Skills Inventory255
REEL-4 Receptive-Expressive Emergent Lang Test (4th)  255
RESCA-EReceptive, Expressive & Social Comm Asses-Elementary  255
RossettiRossetti Infant-Toddler Language Scale255
ROWPVT-4 Receptive One-Word Picture Vocabulary Test (4th)  255
ROWPVT-SBESpanish-Bilingual Edition (4th)255
S-CAT® Secord Contextual Articulation Tests®  256
SAED-3 Scales for Assessing Emotional Disturbance (3rd)  256
SB-5 Standard-Binet Intelligence Scales (5th) 256
SEE® Social Emotional Evaluation®  256
SLDT-A: NUSocial Language Development Test - Adolescent: Normative Update  256
SLDT-E:NU Social Language Development Test-Elementary Normative Update  256
SPAT-D 3 Structured Photographic Articulation Test (3rd)  256
SPELT®-3Structured Photographic Expressive Lang Test (3rd)256
SPELT®-P 2 Structured Photo Expressive Lang Test-Preschool (2nd) 256
SRS-2Social Responsiveness Scale (2nd) 256
SSI-4Stuttering Severity Instrument (4th)  256
TACL-4Test for Auditory Comprehension of Lang (4th)  256
TAPS-3 SBE Test of Auditory Processing Skills - (3rd): Spanish-Bilingual Edition 256
TAPS-4 Test of Auditory Processing Skills (4th)  256 TECELTest of Early Communication and Emerging Language257 TELD-4Test of Early Language Development (4th)257 TEXL Test of Expressive Language257 TILLSTest of Integrated Language and Literacy Skills 257 TIPSTest of Information Processing Skills257 TNL-2Test of Narrative Language (2nd)257 TOCSTest of Childhood Stuttering 257 TOLD-I:5Test of Language Development-Intermediate (5th)257 TOLD-P:5Test of Language Development-Primary (5th)257 TONI-4Test of Nonverbal Intelligence (4th)257 TOPL-2Test of Pragmatic Language (2nd)257 TOPS-2A Test of Problem Solving 2: Adolescent  258 TOPS-3E: NUTest of Problem Solving - 3 Elementary:
Normative Update  258
TOPV Test of Preschool Vocabulary 258
TOSS-I: NU Test of Semantic Skills - Intermediate:
Normative Update  258
TOSS-PTest of Semantic Skills – Primary258 TOWRE-2Test of Word Reading Efficiency (2nd)258 TVPS-4Test of Visual Perceptual Skills (4th)258 TWF-3Test of Word Finding (3rd)258 WABC® Wiig Assessment of Basic Concepts®258 WABC®-S Wiig Assessment of Basic Concepts® - Spanish  258 WORD-2AThe WORD Test 2 - Adolescent 258 WORD-3EThe WORD Test 3 - Elementary258
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