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    About Me
1. Name some of your best friends.
2. Name some chores you do at home.
3. Name some things that make you feel proud.
4. Name some things that make you feel excited.
5. Name some things you need to practice.
6. Name some things you would like to learn how to do. 7. Name some things you like to collect.
8. Name some places you would like to go on vacation. 9. Name your favorite sports teams.
10. Name some people you would like to be your friends.
 2 #TA-140 Categories Quick Take Along® Mini-Book • ©2014 Super Duper® Publications
             Subjective Pronouns
I you we he she it they
Objective Pronouns
me you him her us them
Possesive Pronouns
hers his
its mine ours theirs yours
28 Grammar Take AlongTM #TA-340 • ©2011 Super Duper® Publications
by Natalie E. Snyders, M.S., CCC-SLP and Rynette R. Kjesbo, M.S., CCC-SLP
All Ages
• Initial screening tool • Gather baseline data • Monitor progress • Identify areas of concern • 66 laminated pages (3"x 5")
Quick Take Along Speech and Language Screener
FREE Response Form
Download at
  Excellent Screening Tool
This little booklet is easy to bring along to schools.
You can print off as many copies of the test form
as you’d like from the Super Duper website. The
screener gives you an idea of a child’s skills across a variety of areas such as artic, expressive language, receptive language, basic concepts (colours, numbers, letters) etc. Quick and easy to administer. Would recommend!
 Tara L., Canada
    VII. Categories (Attributes and Comparisons)
Show me all of the food.
Show me all of the tools.
A dog, pig, and bear are all ___.
A table, bed, and sofa are all ___.
Name three sports.
Name three jobs/occupations.
Describe a flower.
Describe a bike.
How are pants and shorts the same? How are they different? How are a drum and a piano the same? How are they different?
#TA-160 Speech and Language Screener Quick Take Along® Mini Book • ©2014 Super Duper® Publications 39
   Name an Antonym for Each Word in Bold Italics
1. Water is a liquid, but ice is a _____.
2. Candy is sweet, but lemons are _____.
3. You can swim in the summer and ice skate in the _____.
4. Funny movies make me laugh, but sad movies make
me _____.
5. Birds fly south in the fall and go _____ in the spring.
6. The warm bath will become _____ after an hour.
7. Annie's hair is curly, but my hair is _____.
8. Boats sail on water, and cars move on _____.
9. After you stop to see if any cars are coming, you can _____.
10. I will say, "Hello," when Sam arrives and "_____," when he leaves.
6 #TA-230 Vocabulary Quick Take AlongTM Mini-Book • ©2011 Super Duper® Publications
  Take Along Vocab.indd 6 11/15/11
          P A/ape gray/grape
grew/group he/heap key/keep pie/pipe sew/soap she/sheep slow/slope stew/stoop
sue/soup true/troop who/hoop glow/globe pro/probe to/tube try/tribe blue/bloom boo/boom brew/broom
Final Consonant Deletion
Phonology Take Along.indd 8 4/27/11 1:48 P
     snake parrot lion
2 #TA-150 Photo Vocabulary Quick Take Along® Mini-Book • ©2014 Super Duper® Publications
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