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    Stuttering Dysfluency
Fluency Roll'n Talk®
Grades 3 and Up
by Jessica Hirliman and Clint Johnson
• Open-ended dice game for reinforcing your students’ individual fluency goals.
• 200 Roll ‘n Talk® Cards (3" x 4")
• 4 Dry-Erase Markers
• 6 Game Boards (41⁄2" x 7")
• Instruction Booklet
• 2 Dice with Dice Cup
• Sturdy Storage Box
Fluency Roll ‘n Talk®
Snooky the SnailTM Goes to Work
Fluency Roll ‘n Talk®
Add-On Cards
Grades 4 & Up
By Jessica Hirliman and Natalie Dahl
Provide extra opportunities for
your students to practice individual fluency goals at the sentence, multi- sentence, and conversational levels.
• 200 cards, 3" x 4" • Sturdy box #GB-378...........$29.95
Fluency Roll ‘n Talk Add-On
200 Cards
          Great Product!
This is a great product, that
can be used as more than
fluency goals. Target language skills, fluency, and articulation skills with this product. The kids love it!
Amanda B., Little Rock, AR
           Fluency Card Deck
Grades PreK–3
by Monica Gustafson
• Snooky SnailTM helps children develop their “smooth and easy” speech while learning about occupations.
• 28 pairs of match-ups
• 3" x 5"
Snooky SnailTM Goes to Work
Snooky the Snail’sTM Fluency Combo
Cards, Book, and Game.
Snooky the Snail’sTM Fluency Combo
Snooky the Snail’sTM Preschool Fluency
Grades PreK–3
by Monica Gustafson
• Guide your young students from word level to spontaneous speech with fun cut-and-paste activities.
• 98 pages, 81⁄2" x 11".
Snooky the Snail’sTM Worksheets
Snooky the Snail’sTM Fluency Games Grades PreK–3
by Monica Gustafson
• Studentspracticeusingtheirsmooth, easy voices while traveling around laminated game boards with Snooky.
• 18 laminated 11" x 17" games
• Pawns and a die • Plastic tote bag • Game instructions
Snooky the Snail’sTM Fluency Games
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