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         Color Me Satisfied!
Excellent resource for fluency
therapy for many age levels,
from pre-K to older students.
There are many manipulatives included, which is nice to have everything you need at your fingertips. The manual is very nicely organized and easy to follow. There are even handouts to provide to students and to parents about fluency. I know I will use this resource all the time with my fluency students.
Judy H., Yorba Linda, CA
Stuttering Dysfluency
Color Me Fluent® Fluency Program
Grades PreK and Up
by Alice Anne G. Farley, M.Ed, CCC-SLP, BCS-F
• Fluency program that brings together the student, parent/ caregiver, and speech-language pathologist (SLP) as a team.
• Methods, activities, and materials in this program make it a versatile kit for any caseload, ages 2 to adult.
• Levels of speech fluency represented in colors provide visual cues to the student regarding his/her speech.
Red represents stuttering or dysfluent speech.
Orange represents the easier speech production. Students use their targets and speak “under the umbrella” of orange speech.
Green speech refers to fluent speech. It is the ultimate goal of the program.
• Instructional Activity Manual with reproducible templates (160 pages)
• Handouts and Audio Samples of Speech on CD • Two Posters, 11" x 17" • 16 Manipulatives
Color Me Fluent® Program
    A fluency game that uses a river and related objects to help students learn about stuttering and become more fluent speakers.
Fluency River®
Board Game
Grades K–4
by Marlee Colquitt and Cheris Frailey
• 150 Cards for Emotional Fluency Stimulus (Words, Phrases, Sentences, Carryover)
• 175forCardsUnemotionalFluencyStimulus
• 30 Fluency Strategy Cards (3" x 5")
• 50 Ear Training Cards (3" x 11⁄2")
• Teacher Booklet with River Template
• Game Board (161/2" x 161/2")
• 8 Character Raft Playing Pieces
Fluency River®
Love this game and I have already used
it with not only preschoolers working
on fluency but also with children
working on improving artic and language skills.
Regina F., Pittsburgh PA
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