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     Stuttering Dysfluency
Fluency FLiPS®
Quick Drills for Fluency Shaping
Skills Flip-Book
Grades 1–8
by Kristin A. Chmela, M.A., CCC-SLP
• Convenient, all-in-one, 124-page flip- book that will help you teach students strategies for smooth speech
• Plus online audio samples of the author producing each of the targeted skills provide a model for perfecting your teaching techniques.
• Easy vowel onset • Continuous sound
• Light consonant contact • Pausing
• 124 pages, 61⁄4" x 71⁄4" #BK-369...........................$59.95
Fluency FLiPS®
     Easy and Self- Explanatory
I enjoy the easy
how-to with the
fluency flips. It is no secret
that many SLPs are somewhat intimidated by the idea of fluency and stuttering. This is a great “walk me through it” kind of way to attack fluency issues. There are really great pairings of example instructional pieces as well as examples of the fluency techniques. Very helpful!
Kellie, Great Falls, MT
       Turtle Talk®
Fluency and Language Game
Grades PreK and Up
by Monica Gustafson and Keri Spielvogle
Players collect “Turtle Tokens” as they answer questions while moving around the game board.
• 240 topic cards with questions (21/3" x 31/8") about Animals, Around the Home, Food, and More
• Game board (16" x 16")
• Turtle Token Dispenser
• Foam Tokens
• Pawns and dice • Instructions
Turtle Talk®
Small parts.
  Great Game!
My students from Kindergarten to
4th grade really
enjoy playing this game.
I love that the materials target a range of different skills beyond fluency. In one group we can target fluency, receptive language, and expressive language. And the kids have fun!
Julie R., Ohio
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