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  8 Decks! 448 Cards!
 Grades PreK and Up by Melanie F. Strait
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Deck 8:
Oclusivización (Stopping) Omisión de Consonantes Finales
(Final Consonant Deletion)
Sonorización Prevocálica
(Prevocalic Voicing) Frontalización (Fronting)
Reducción de Grupo Consonántico
(Cluster Reduction)
Errores de r y rr (Errors of r and rr)
Omisión de Consonantes Iniciales
(Initial Consonant Deletion)
Omisión de Sílabas Átonas
(Weak Syllable Deletion)
 Each of the 8 decks contains 28 minimal pair sets, content cards, and two bonus ¡Fiesta de Fonología! cards (60 total cards) for added entertainment. All color cards are 31/4" x 41/4" and come in individual tins.
Webber® Spanish Phonology Cards
       Spanish Phonology Cards
This product is a life saver!!!
I was having difficulty finding words
in Spanish to work on reducing certain phonological processes in Spanish. The fact that these are flash cards with great pictures makes for a wonderful investment. Thank you Super Duper!!!
Lizbeth C., Miami, FL
Cluster Reduction
Errors of r and rr
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