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Photo Fun Communication Board Game
Grades PreK & Up
by Rebecca Eisenberg and Rynette Kjesbo
• Receptive and expressive language game
• Uses photos to teach basic and advanced communication skills students use
every day
• 12 areas of school life
• Provides receptive and expressive
prompts for each picture scene.
• 144 large, 5"x 7" color-coded photo cards
 Cool in School®
  • Art Room
• Nurse’s Office
• Cafeteria
• Physical Education • Office
• Classroom
Great Game!
• Computer Lab • Playground
• Media Center • Restroom
• Music Room
• Therapy Room
School Areas:
Front Back
  • Double-sided colorful game board
• 6giantmagneticpawnsand6regular pawns
• 65 cool tokens
• Electronic spinner (1–3)
Cool in School® Board Game
Focus On Manners!
Fun Deck®
Grades K and Up by Audrey Prince
Focus On Manners!
helps students talk about different types of behaviors they may see at school, in the community, and at home!
• Stories depict appropriate and inappropriate behaviors.
• 60cards,3"x5"
Focus On Manners! Fun Deck®
 This is a versatile game
that can be used with
many populations in
the elementary school setting. It’s a keeper.
Randi K., Raleigh, NC
   MagneTalk® Feelings Magnetic Board Game
Grades PreK and Up
Child chooses a Feelings tile that goes with the scene as he/she talks about it.
• Magnetic game board (14"x 18") • 6 scene tiles (31⁄2"x 31⁄2")
• 12 emotion tiles (23/8"x 25/8")
Feelings MagneTalk® Game
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