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Double-Sided Photo Cards
       24 Games & Activity Book
These games target six skills: Politeness, Solving Problems, Staying on Topic, Requesting Information, Initiating Conversation, and Feelings.
by Summer Stanley and Bruce Ink Grades PreK & Up
Teach the skills needed to succeed socially in school, at home, and in the community.
• 65 double-sided cards (130 prompts) • Three levels of difficulty • Wide variety of social situations • Card size: 31⁄4" x 81⁄2"
Making Good Social Choices Skill Strips®
“Ask & Answer”® Social Skills Games
All Ages
by Keri Spielvogle, Melanee Callough, and Molly DeShong
• Ask social skills-related questions (found in the handy Activity Booklet), and students tell what they would do in these situations
• Players cover their “picture cue” game board spaces with colorful foam tokens as they play
• 24 color-coded game playing surfaces (12 game boards front and back). 81⁄2" x 11"
• 68-page Activity Booklet with reproducible social skills questions (216 questions in all) and homework sheets
• 48 foam squares (4 different colors). Boxed #SOS-62.......................$54.95
“Ask & Answer”® Social Skills Game
   More Than Expected
Using the game I discovered
that it works for a lot of
different language goals,
receptive and expressive, not only pragmatics. Excellent tool, helps a lot!
L. C.C., Jacksonville, Fl
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