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What Do You Say...
What Do You Do...® at School?
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What Do You Say... What Do You Do...® in the Community?
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What Do You Say...
What Do You Do...®
Social Skills Board Games
Grades K–8
Created by Nancy Crist and Rose Sheedy
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Reinforce social skills at school and in the community
390 Situation Cards (33/8” x 13/4”)
Social Situation Cards target Reasoning, Inferencing, Pragmatic, Narrative, and Conversational Skills
With each correct answer, players collect tokens and fill token strips. The first player to fill the strip or collect the most tokens wins! 2-6 players.
18" x 18" game board • 144 tokens (11⁄4") 6 token strips (2" x 9") • 6 characters
Fabulous Product
What a fabulous product!
This game is wonderful for
children with pragmatic
difficulties and those other students whose social skills can use a little finessing, too. I use this game in mixed groups of articulation, language, fluency, and pragmatics because I find that most children can use a little work with social skills and they can work on their other difficulties as well.
Sandra M., Walhalla, SC

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