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       How Big Is The Problem?
lNo Problems
lAffects only self or small number of people
l Lasts a short period of time, solved quickly
l Little or no money needed to fix
lAffects a medium-sized number of people
lLasts longer, takes longer to solve
lCosts some money to fix
lAffects a large number of people
to solve
l Lasts a long period of time, takes a long time
l Costs a lot of money to fix
l Loss of life, serious threat to health or safety
     Problem A science project you spent hours working on gets ruined.
A science project you spent hours working on gets ruined.
You cry out in frustration, then save the parts you can and start to re-do it.
How big is the problem?
How big is the reaction? Show your answer on the meter.
  What is the size of the problem? 1 Share a matching reaction.
Scenario Cards
Problem Card
by Julie Balderston, Amanda Stenberg, and Mathew Rodgers
Grades K & Up
Navigate your way along the board tiles, collecting resources and resolving scenarios on your way to managing problems of all sizes!
• 18 Problem Cards, 21⁄4" x 31⁄2"
• 200 Scenario Cards, 21⁄4" x 31⁄2"
• 1 Problem Meter
• 1 Reaction Meter
• 10 Player Strips
• 45 Resource Tokens
• 5 Car Pieces
• 12 Board Tiles, 33⁄4" x 33⁄4"
• 2 Lesson Books, 81⁄2" x 81⁄2"
• Instruction book
• 1Die
Social City® Board Game
Problem/Reaction Meter Lesson Book (26 pages)
     Bumps, Hills & Mountains
Lesson Book (17 pages)
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