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      Sign Language
  I Made a Difference
I am writing to
let everyone
know how
valuable this bundle of cards is in the classroom. 3 1/2 years ago when I began teaching,
I had a student come into
my room that by all accounts had no language skills at all. I began with 5 basic cards that we reviewed daily for about 4 weeks. The cards I chose were eat, drink, sleep, bathroom, and mom. Today, this same student knows approximately 100 separate sign language
words. Heather M., Tustin, CA
Webber® Sign Language Cards
All Ages
by Ashley Drennan and Susie Loraine
• 400 colorfully illustrated ASL cards
• Alphabet
• Adjectives
• Verbs
• Nouns
• Family
• And More!
One side gives the word and a picture illustration, and the other side illustrates how to make the sign. Sturdy storage tin! 3" x 4" cards.
Webber® Sign Language Cards
        Sign Language BingoTM
All Ages
• 48 laminated playing surfaces, 81⁄2" x 11"
• 192 sign calling cards • Bingo chips and instructions
Sign Language Bingo
I have a number of students
who are hard of hearing,
have apraxia/dysarthria, or
who present with Autism. They use ASL to support communicative efforts, and this
has been a fun and useful tool to support vocabulary acquisition for both the students and staff who work with them.
Linda M., ME
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