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 Super Fun Deck®
3--6 Steps
per Fu
3--6 S
  Excellent Resource
I do not have the software,
but this deck seems like it
would be a good companion
to that, though it also functions well as a ‘stand alone’ product for story sequencing of various length stories. My students like the stories.
Judy H., Yorba Linda, CA
     Back Back
• Students start with the three- step sequences and progress up to six-step sequences
• 32 different story sequences
• 144 double-sided cards
(31⁄4" x 41⁄4")
This is a great companion to the HearBuilder® Sequencing software program or use it by itself to teach students to put events in logical order.
HearBuilder® Sequencing Super Fun Deck®
n Deck®
Grades K–6 by Erin Riojas
 How to Use
Each of the 32 story sequences is presented in two ways. The front side of the cards tell the sequence in a complete story format. The card back is a simplified, step- by-step, instructional presentation of the same sequence. This allows students of varying skill levels to improve sequencing, comprehension, and critical thinking skills. Game ideas included.
       Learning to Sequence
Photo Cards
Grades PreK and Up
Children predict what happens next as they assemble the photo stories!
• Each set includes 48 photo cards (4" x 4.5")
• 3-Scene Set (16 stories) • 4-Scene Set (12 stories) • 6-Scene Set (8 stories)
• Instructions in English, Spanish, and French
144 total cards, 36 stories.
Learning to Sequence
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