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        Reading & Literacy
   Ten Steps to
Writing Better
An Evidence-Based Program for Teaching Expository Essay Writing
Grades 6–12
by Judy K. Montgomery and Nancy L. Kahn
This standards-based guide is
ideal for older students that have difficulty organizing their thoughts and materials before writing expository essays. Developed from research on a real eleventh grade English class.
Expository Writing
Ten Steps includes:
• Evidence-based research from
an 11th grade English class.
• Scripted lessons.
• Classroom samples.
• List of McREL Language Arts Standards linked to each step.
• Writing, listening, and speaking sample IEP goals.
• 134 pages.
Ten Steps to Writing Better Essays
Main Idea, Details, Summarizing, and Predicting Book
Grades 2–5
by Treva Stevens and Edith McCollom
Students practice their reading comprehension skills with these 60 short story HandTalkers®.
• Student spins the spinner and moves the HandTalkers® in
and out the number of times indicated, hears/reads the short story aloud, and answers the question. Lift the flap to check the answer.
• 60 pages 81⁄2" x 11" #BK-349...................$24.95
HandTalkers® for Reading Comprehension
HandTalkersTM for Reading Comprehension
Directions: (1) Student spins the spinner and reads the story that matches the letter (A, B, C, D) on
the spinner. (2) Then, student moves the HandTalkerTM the number of times indicated on the spinner.
(3) Student answers the story question and lifts the flap directly behind the story to check the answer.


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Main Ideas and Details




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Main Ideas/ Details
    Poster is 81⁄2" x 11".
          Side B
Basic Editing and Proofing Side A Super Fun Deck® with Secret Decoder
Grades 3–8
by Audrey Prince
Students identify which highlighted items are errors, and then use the Secret Decoder to check their answers. Game ideas and four dry erase markers. 100 cards, 4”x 7.”
Basic Editing & Proofing Super Fun Deck®
Story Grammar Marker® Manipulative and Mini-Poster
Grades 3–8
by Maryellen Rooney Moreau
©2007 Super Duper® Publications
Help children visualize the elements of stories by using symbols on a 24" strip of braided yarn
Story Grammar Marker® and Mini-Poster Set
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