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in Stories
Fun Deck®
Grades 1–5
by Audrey Prince
• Targetreadingcomprehension,reasoning,andwritingskillswith three levels of difficulty
Reading & Literacy
  Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
3 Sentences with a 2nd–3rd grade readability level 4 Sentences with a 4th–5th grade readability level 5 Sentences with a 4th–5th grade readability level
    • OnSideA,studentsmarkcorrectsequencewithdryerasemarkers (4 included).
 • Side B has sentences in order, conversation questions, and answer key
• 56 cards, 4" x 7"
Sequencing Events in Stories Fun Deck®
    Great & Useful Product
A couple months ago my principal was observing me in therapy and saw use of
these cards first hand...he LOVED the activity and how it directly related to our
state’s academic content standards. So the next day he ordered several decks
for our intervention specialists and instructed them to “have fun teaching story
retelling to include details and correct sequencing!” ...first time a principal was ever excited about material I was using in school speech therapy! So now our school team is using this great product and our shared students are LEARNING very quickly!
Renee F., Bellville OH
  Story Retell
Fun Deck®
Grades 1 & Up Ages 6 & Up
by Dale Ducworth
• Game ideas
• Sturdy tin
60 cards, 3"x 5"
Story Retell Fun Deck®
Level 1
Level 2
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Sequencing Events in Stories
This is an awesome therapy
tool! The kids really enjoy
marking on the cards with
the small dry erase markers. This is a wonderful tool to coincide with IEPs for sequencing events.
Deann C., Douglasville, GA
Side A
Side B

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