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      Reading & Literacy
Level 2
 What’s the Main Idea?
Super Fun Deck® with Secret Decoder
Grades 1–5
by Audrey Prince
• Story cards to help students learn how to identify main idea in a paragraph
• Eachcardhasashortnarrativefollowedby three choices for the main idea of the story
• Playerlistenstoorreadsthestory,thendecides which choice best represents the main idea
• Level 1 cards are 3–4 sentences long.
• Level 2 cards are 5–7 sentences long.
• 120 cards, 3" x 4", Boxed
Use the Secret Decoder to check the answers.
What is the Main Idea Super Fun Deck®
Level 1
      Best Game For Our Older Students!
Are you tired of trying to find stories that
entertain our older students? Need a little
variety? “What is the Main idea?” is the
game for you! Students can learn about all the story grammar components and still have fun! My students LOVE using the decoder as an added incentive!
Matt K., Brooklyn, NY
      Context Clues in Stories
Super Fun Deck® with Secret Decoder
Grades 3 and Up by Audrey Prince
120 story cards to help your students learn to figure out the meaning of difficult words as they read.
• Level 1 – Fill-In-the-Blank:
Students listen to/read the story and choose the word that fits best into the context of the paragraph.
• Level2–ChoosetheDefinition:
Students listen to/read the story and choose the correct meaning of the blue, underlined word
by finding the clues in the paragraph.
• Students use the Secret Decoder to check their answers, hidden with invisible ink!
• 120 cards, 3"x 4", Boxed #FD-95...................$39.95
Context Clues Super Fun Deck®
Fill In
    Story Prediction
Fun Deck®
with Secret Decoder
Grades 1–8
by Audrey Prince
• Students listen to or read a story and choose the answer that makes the most sense for the story ending
• Self-check answers with the Secret Decoder
• 56 cards, 4" x 7", Boxed #FD-87.............$32.95
Story Prediction Fun Deck®
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