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    Reading & Literacy HearBuilder®
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Reading involves a sequence of events.
Telling stories, problem solving, reading comprehension, performing daily routines, and interacting appropriately with others requires good sequencing skills.
HearBuilder Sequencing
120 activities in 2–6 step sequences.
• Manipulating Pictures, Words, and Sentences
• Reading Left to Right
• Understanding Details
• Making Predictions
• Identifying Parts of a Story
• Building Important Literacy Skills
Students Explore the Sequencing Fun House & Arcade!
2 – 6 Step Sequences
 HearBuilder Sequencing Cards p. 217
Amazing product
SMART Board Compatible!
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This is a must have product for any
child that needs help with reading comprehension! I have told my son’s
school to purchase this program as well. Every student can benefit from the program. It has so many different features that customize for each child’s level. Best money spent!
Jenny G., Fresno, CA
Sequencing Sequencing
SeqSueqnuceingcing SixSitxeSptSepeqSueqnucence
Two-Step Sequences
Picture and Audio
Two Step Sequence
Three Step Sequence
    Three-Step Sequences
Picture, Text, Audio Picture, Text, Audio
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