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          Reading & Literacy HearBuilder®
Students must be able to
listen carefully and remember information.
In school, students must remember multi-step directions, relate new information to prior knowledge, comprehend oral language, take notes while listening, and be able to talk and write clearly.
HearBuilder Auditory Memory
• Memory for Numbers (3–7 digits)
 Auditory Memory Strategic Memory Training for Listening
 My students are having a great time and they
• Memory for Words (3–5 words organized by syllable) are utilizing memory strategies (often without
being reminded!). I love the convenience,
• Memory for Details (3–7 details)
the systematic approach, the record keeping
component, and the reinforcement activities that are
• Auditory Closure (Sentence Completion)
included! Once again, a quality, research-based product
from Super Duper that makes me say “Wow!”! Auditory Memory
• Memory for WH Info (2–4 sentences/2–4 questions) Sue A, Peoria, IL Activities
Students Help Recall Agents Kim & Joey Foil Dr. Forgets It! Memory for Numbers Memory for Words Memory for Details
             Memory for Numbers Memory for Words Memory for Details Auditory Closure Memory for WH Info
Auditory Closure Memory for WH Info
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