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   Reading & Literacy HearBuilder®
     How are your young students’ listening, comprehension, and memory skills?
Are they falling behind in developing their basic learning skills during this
time of virtual learning?
How can we help students who struggle with reading?
 Who Can HearBuilder Help?
• Young children learning basic concepts and letter sounds.
• PreK-3 students who are behind in their grade-level reading
• Students who are not keeping up with their Reading Program Curriculum.
• Grades 1-6 students who need to improve their listening, attention, and memory skills
Students learn vital READING-RELATED literary skills that help them in every subject at school.
HearBuilder is a unique online educational program developed to help young children acquire the skills they need to succeed.
Before they learn to read, children must first be able to listen carefully. With HearBuilder, students learn step-by-step in game-themed lessons,
how to hear, understand, and remember information.
As they improve, these students build a solid foundation for becoming
accomplished readers and confident students.
HearBuilder is the only researched-based method that teaches these four fundamental skills
in one online comprehensive program.
• Following Directions with Basic Concepts
• Phonological Awareness Sound Awareness for Reading
• Auditory Memory
Strategic Memory Training for Listening
• Sequencing 2-6 Step Sequences
• ESL or ELL students who are struggling to learn English
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