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    Reading & Literacy HearBuilder®
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   HearBuilder Following Directions Fun Sheets p. 61
Verbal directions are a part of everyday life.
Appropriate behavior, social interaction, and success in school depend upon the ability of a child to understand, listen carefully, and carry out verbal directions.
A student must acquire these skills in order to progress and learn.
HearBuilder Following Directions
• 40 Basic Concepts
Five Types of Directions
• Basic • Sequential • Quantitative & Spatial
• Temporal • Conditional
 You will love it!
I absolutely love the professional version of
the Hear Builder Following Directions. The
option to put in background noise once I
know they understand the concepts is a great
way to simulate a real classroom setting. It also allows me to let one child independently work on a skill making the group a bit smaller and more individualized so there is less down time. I can then just rotate the kids through so they all get more direct therapy time with myself. All therapists should have this program!
Krista L., Fort Collins, CO
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