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     Questioning Skills
Level 1
     euQ s
H n
W Skill Strips
 Grades PreK & Up, Ages 4 & Up by Rynette Kjesbo and Bruce Ink
   Reinforce students’ abilities to ask and answer WH questions with WH Questions Skill Strips!
• Practice language skills by answering WH questions
• Use reasoning to answer more complex WH questions
• 240 questions
• What, Where, Who, Why,
• Three levels of difficulty for each question type
Level 2
Level 3
• Game Ideas • Answer Keys • Ask WH questions related to #STRP-92...........$49.95
a picture scene
• 120 double-sided cards
WH Questions Skill Strips
Double-Sided Photo Cards
  240 Questions
     “Wh” Question Blast Off!
Board Game
Grades PreK & Up / Ages 3 & Up by Catherine L. Alexander
As students answer “WH” questions, they launch their rockets into space to reach the moon. The first person to launch all ten rockets wins!
• Game board (16" x 16") • Dice and rockets • 2–6 players • 200 question cards (2" x 21⁄2") • Astronaut pawns
“WH” Question Blast-OffTM
    Blast Off To Fun and Learning
The game is fast paced, so
all the students in the group
stayed engaged. The questions switch among “who,” “what,” “where,” “when,” and “why” questions, so the students need to focus and think. Moving a rocket to the moon after each response increased the students’ fun and attention to the game.
Judith L., Sacramento, CA
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