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   Questioning Skills
   Fantastic Product!
I am a teacher working
with children with Autism
and I purchased this
product to elicit language in some of my non-speaking students. This game not only brought out language in my students, but it also was very motivating and exciting for them to play. I have recommended this product to my friends and colleagues, and I recommend it to any parent or teacher who have children in need of acquiring language. Great product Super Duper!
Jessica O., Nassau County, NY
do you use to sweep the floor?
     Ask & Answer®
“” WH
     36 Bingo Games
   Ask & Answer® “WH” Bingo Games
Grades PreK and Up
by Sharon and Thomas Webber
• 36 laminated bingo boards (81/2" x 11") • 144 question cards (21/8" x 35/8")
• Bingo chips • 2–6 players, Boxed
Ask and Answer® “WH” Bingo
      144 Question Cards
    Call 1-800-277-8737 | Fax 1-800-978-7379 •

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