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  Absolutely Amazing and Awesome
This software program has been truly astounding
in helping children learn speech sound awareness
and phonics. The students are motivated to learn
and the interactive game format helps them take responsibility for their own success. I work in the school district and I have seen the students who receive speech therapy in kindergarten and who use this program reach their benchmark goals in literacy by the end of the school year. I highly recommend purchasing this product!
Diana B., Pueblo, Colorado
         Phonological Awareness
Syllable DrillingTM Deck Grades PreK and Up
by CarolAnn Hammar
• 60 (3" x 4") syllable cards
• Two to four-syllable words divided phonetically
• 6 additional “bonus” cards with 12 more words not separated into syllables for generalization practice
Syllable DrillingTM Deck
            Hear It! Say It! Learn It!TM
Speech Sound Awareness Phonics Program Software
Grade PreK–3
• Easy-to-followscriptedlessonswithfunsoftware
• Teachchildrentolistenforandsaythe16mostfrequentlyoccurring speech sounds!
• Studentslearnthelettersthatrepresenteachsound,howtorecognize the letters in words, and how to write them.
• 16 sounds and letters
(B, F, M, T, G, P, D, K/C, H, V, N, W, L, S, R, J)
• Interactive CD
• Two reproducible activity books.
324 pages, 81⁄2" x 11"
• Unlimited student data tracking
Hear It! Say It! Learn It!TM Program
The Literacy Link
A Multisensory Approach to Sound-Symbol Connections
Grades K–3
by Peggy S. Northrup
Help students make
solid connections
among phonemic awareness, sound-symbol relationships, and letter formation.
• Teacheshandsymbols for the 29 consonants, vowels, and digraphs
• 136pages
• 81⁄2"x11"
The Literacy Link
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