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 Phonological Awareness
   Webber® Hear It! Say It! Learn It!TM
Speech Sound Awareness Phonics Program Software
Grade PreK–3
• Easy-to-followscriptedlessonswithfunsoftware
• Teachchildrentolistenforandsaythe16mostfrequentlyoccurring speech sounds!
• Studentslearnthelettersthatrepresenteachsound,howtorecognize the letters in words, and how to write them.
• 16 sounds and letters
(B, F, M, T, G, P, D, K/C, H, V, N, W, L, S, R, J)
• Interactive CD
• Two reproducible activity books.
324 pages, 81⁄2" x 11"
• Unlimited student data tracking
Webber Hear It! Say It! Learn It!TM Program
The Literacy Link
A Multisensory Approach to Sound-Symbol Connections
Grades K–3
by Peggy S. Northrup
Help students make
solid connections
among phonemic awareness, sound-symbol relationships, and letter formation.
• Teacheshandsymbols for the 29 consonants, vowels, and digraphs
• 136pages
• 81⁄2"x11"
The Literacy Link
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   CVC Toolbox
Manipulatives Set
Grades PreK and Up
Set contains 70 tri-blocks covering beginning, middle, and final sounds, as well as 30 word-building cards with real photography. Photo cards are double-sided with the photo on one side and word on the other.
• 70tri-blockswithbeginning/middle/finalsound
• 30double-sidedphotocards,4"x5" #JL-167....$34.99
CVC Toolbox
Syllable DrillingTM Deck Grades PreK and Up
by CarolAnn Hammar
• 60 (3" x 4") syllable cards
• Two to four-syllable words divided phonetically
• 6 additional “bonus” cards with 12 more words not separated into syllables for generalization practice
Syllable DrillingTM Deck
See CVC Magnetic Objects p. 84

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