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     Phonological Awareness
     Great Game! Lots of Fun!
I ordered this game after playing it many times at
work with students. I am a dyslexia tutor and the game
offers lots of great practice. My students kept asking
to play it, so I bought my own. It is a perfect way to reinforce the skills. Great Game! Lots of fun! Easy to manage and run.
Brenda H., Highland, Utah
 Phonological Awareness Fun ParkTM
Grades PreK and Up
by Kris Foley Scheller and Michelle Hinkle Ostrow
Fun ParkTM targets phoneme rhyming, identification, discrimination, manipulation, blending, deletion, and segmenting.
  • Game Board (161/2" x 161/2")
• 84 Foam “Prize” Tokens
• Instructions/Activity Book
• Electronic Spinner
• 420 Cards (33/8" x 23/8") • 8 Game Markers
Phonological Awareness Fun ParkTM
Phonological Awareness
Webber® Phonological Awareness Bingo
Grades PreK and Up
Students listen carefully to the questions and try to earn five in a row on their individual bingo boards—up, down, across, or diagonally.
• 40 bingo boards (81⁄2" x 11"), 4 of each phonological awareness skill
• 240 calling cards (21⁄8" x 35⁄8")
• Bingo chips (assorted colors)
• Instructions
• 2–4 Players
Webber® Phonological Awareness Bingo
1 Rhyming
2 Letter-Sound Identification
3 Compound Words
4 Initial Sound Ident./Comparison
5 Final Sound Ident./ Comparison
6 Medial Sound Identification/ Comparison
7 Phoneme Counting 8 Phoneme Blending 9 Phoneme Deletion
10 Phoneme Substitution
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