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Sensory Processing/Visual
    ® Sensory Diet Cards
2nd Edition
Grades PreK and Up by Tara Calder, OTR/L
• 48 activity cards, 3" x 5"
• 12 teaching cards • Tin
• Five sensory categories: Movement and Balance (vestibular); Movement and Resistance (proprioception); Tactile; Oral Motor; and Visual, Auditory, and Olfactory.
Sensory Diet Cards®
Sensory Diet Fun Sheets
2nd Edition
A Companion Book to the Sensory Diet Cards®
Grades PreK and Up by Ann Stensaas and Tara Calder
• Multi-level games and activities
• Movement and Balance (Vestibular)
• Oral-Motor and Tactile
• Movement and Resistance
• Visual, Auditory, and Olfactory
• 76pages,81⁄2”x11” #BK-377.......$24.95
Sensory Diet Fun Sheets
Revised Revised
Sensory Diet Cards
As a school-based Occupational
Consultant, these cards are a valuable tool to use when teaching staff and parents sensory diet strategies.
Robyn S., Sacramento, CA
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Revised Self-Regulation Tic-Tac-Toe
Instructions: Use this game to introduce children to the different teaching cards. Cut out the tic-tac-toe
Three in a row wins!
to finish the sentence. If correct, the player places an X on that square. The second player follows in turn.
tokens below. One player gets Xs and the other gets Os. The first player picks out a square and attempts
The speedometer is _________ .
The boy feels __________ .
The speedometer is _________ .
IN2Great Me!TM Board Game
An Interactive Sensory Exploration Boardgame
Ages 5 and Up; Grades K and Up
Help children understand their sensory tendencies while developing their executive functioning skills. Blank scenario, strategy, and “DO IT!” cards allow children to create and explore their own strategies.
• 120 “SCENARIO” Sensory Cards (20 are Blank)
• 140 “STRATEGY” Movement Cards (20 are Blank) • 100 “DO IT!” Cards (15 are Blank)
     • 1 Instruction Sheet
• 1 Colorful Game Board • 1 Dry Erase Marker
• 1 “Cheat Sheet” (for Adult Guidance) • 1 “STRATEGY CARD BOARD”
• 80 Pegs (20 Pegs x 4 Colors)
In2Great Me! Boardgame
                    The boy feels ___________ .
The thermometer is _________ .
The thermometer is _________ .
Sensory Fidget Box 12 Assorted Fidget Tools
Grades PreK & Up,Ages 4 & Up;
  The thermometer is _________ .
The speedometer is _________ .
The boy feels ___________ . XXXXX
Includes 12 quiet devices that you can stretch, pull, twist, and squeeze! Fidget tools can help reduce stress and anxiety and are great for improving fine motor skills, coordination, and dexterity. They also aid in focusing, paying attention, and staying calm skills.
• 2 Magnetic Spinner Rings
• 1 Bracelet with Rolling Beads • 1 Funky Fringe Bracelet
• 1 Squeeze Ring
• 1 Marble in Fabric Sleeve
Sensory Fidget Box
• 2 Adhesive Calming Strips • 1 Puffy Bead Bracelet
• 1 Water Bead Squeeze Ball • 1 Spiky Slap Bracelet
• 1 Push and Pop Ten Frame
 Sensory Diet Combo
Combo includes Sensory Diet Cards, and Fun Sheets.
Sensory Diet Combo
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