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     Super Duper® Frog Massager
• Not for intra-oral use
• Instructions
• Boxed
Oral-Motor Massagers
          Mini-Textured Massager
• Increase facial muscle tone with this hand-held massager
• Two additional interchangeable heads for textural variety
• 4" long • Boxed
(Note: Not for intra-oral use.)
Mini-Textured Massager
Vibe CrittersTM Massagers
Super Duper ® Frog Massager
Vibe Critters
My son is autistic and needs
a lot of sensory input to
his mouth. On these vibe
critters, you can control the vibration from low to high. My son gets a lot of feedback and enjoyment from these little critters!
Leanne, Newmarket ON, Canada
• Provide gentle, soothing sensory stimulation tomouth, cheek, and lips
• 2 Massager Base Units
• 1 each of Fish and Bat character heads
• Critter Condo Storage Unit
• Latex Free
Vibe CrittersTM (Bat and Fish)
Note! This is not a toy!
Use only with adult supervision.
Five Vibe® Massager
• Ideal for the hypo-sensitive child. Includes instructions and batteries.
• Five textured interchangeable massage tips • 1"x3"
• Boxed
Five Vibe®
Batteries Included for ALL products on this page!
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