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   Works Well with Students!
This book
   works really well with students who are beginning to learn how
to sequence. It contains functional/every day/real- life activities, which makes it seem more real for students.
Amy C., Chicago, IL
      Learning Sequences: Hygiene Habits
Ages 3-6
Children place cards in sequential order to create stories, develop logical thinking, enhance verbal expression skills, and learn basic concepts such as “before” and “after.” Notice similarities and differences, make comparisons, and create sequences.
Target Skills Include:
• Acquire basic concepts of time
• Arrange the sequential order of images of varying complexity
• Enhance observation and visual attention
• Enhance verbal expression and vocabulary
• Pre-Reading skills (such as left-right directionality) Learning Sequences: Hygiene Habits includes:
• 1 sturdy plastic card stand
• 36 washable plastic cards (2" x 2") to create 6 sequences
• Instruction booklet with additional activities
Learning Sequences: Hygiene Habits
Routine Bingo
Matching Game
Ages 4 and Up; Grades PreK and Up
Learn about the activities that constitute a daily routine by playing this fun matching game. Read a picture card and match it to the squares on your board.
• 4 boards (81⁄4"x 51⁄2")
• 24 cards (21⁄2" x 21⁄2")
Routine Bingo
      Functional Sequencing
Activity Sheets for Daily Living Skills Book Grades K and Up
by Candy Schraufnagel and Amy Crimin
• Six-step sequences to teach students how to do over 40 daily living activities
• Meal Time
• Retail
• Household Chores • Entertainment
• Safety
• School
• Hygiene
• Transportation
• Reproducible worksheets • 167 pages, 81⁄2"x 11"
Functional Sequencing Book
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