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       Super Duper® Frog Massager
• Not for intra-oral use
• Instructions
• Boxed
Oral-Motor Massagers & More
Super Duper ® Frog Massager
Five Vibe®
Mini-Textured Massager
• Increase facial muscle tone with this hand-held massager
• Two additional interchangeable heads for textural variety
• 4" long • Boxed
(Note: Not for intra-oral use.)
Mini-Textured Massager
Vibe CrittersTM Massagers
Five Vibe® Massager
• Ideal for the hypo-sensitive child. Includes instructions and batteries.
• Five textured interchangeable massage tips • 1"x3"
• Boxed
  • Provide gentle, soothing sensory stimulation tomouth, cheek, and lips
• 2 Massager Base Units
• 1 each of Fish and Bat
character heads
• Critter Condo Storage Unit
• Latex Free
Vibe CrittersTM (Bat and Fish)
Note! This is not a toy!
Use only with adult supervision.
2 - Minute Toothbrush Timer
Build healthy dental habits with this handy timer! Fun and simple to use—just press the button, start brushing, and follow along with lights and sounds that let you know when it’s time to stop.
   Batteries Included for ALL products on this page!
2-MinuteToothbrushing Timer • 31⁄2”diameter
• Water-resistant
• 2 AAA batteries (included)
2 - Minute Toothbrush Timer
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